Who we are

Resources for Profit is comprised of a unique team of experienced professionals dedicated to improving the performance of your business, achieving the best cost management results and in turn maximising the impact on your bottom line.

We employ an approach to business that incorporates unparalleled industry experience and contacts to the development and implementation of every project – without the overheads of a large organisation. Our skills translate across industries, meaning we can apply our techniques to address a variety of sectors.

Each of our consultants has extensive knowledge of particular industries and proven expertise within specific cost categories, allowing us to match the appropriate consultant to your particular industry and subsequent business need. Our consultants work diligently to remain at the forefront of market intelligence essential in the negotiation of the best possible solution when speaking with your suppliers.

We are highly customer focused and value long term, win-win relationships with our clients.


How we can help you

Our people are recognised as specialists in our field when it comes to delivering cost-management solutions for our clients.

To increase your profit performance, we ensure:

  • A detailed understanding of your specific needs.
  • To understand your needs, we make a detailed analysis of your past activities. We also double-check your service requirements with internal staff, and develop an understanding of your plans for the future, such as expansion or rationalisation.

Understanding the market place:

  • We develop a strong knowledge of your market, the suppliers who can best match your needs and their past performance in similar operations.

A professional approach to procurement and negotiation techniques:

  • This includes the implementation of specialty systems and processes. These systems allow us to evaluate the ‘soft’ aspects of potential suppliers, not just the financial aspects.

We work as your silent partner:

  • We’re always with you, quietly working in the background. If during the contract period we see the opportunity to extend our assistance in any other area, whether its included in the original agreement or not, we will, at no additional cost.


  • Every step in our process is transparent. While we may present a variety of commercial options for your consideration, it is you who decides on any future supply arrangement. We are fiercely independent and do not receive any commissions, kickbacks or incentives of any kind from our suppliers. All savings or incentives are passed on directly to you and your business.

Opportunities to significantly reduce overhead costs often exist, hidden deep within invoice line items. Many of you may know, or at least suspect, that you can save money in overhead expenses, but may lack the time or resources to dedicate to solving the issue.

Did you know that every $1,000 you save is equivalent to $10,000 in revenue?

This can be better utilised in providing funding for further business development, or by being applied directly to your bottom line, rather than being wasted in unnecessary costs.




Resources for Profit provide a comprehensive analysis of your business processes, offering a consulting service that works to make a positive impact to your bottom line. This review is governed by a no results, no payment policy, ensuring we always apply a complete commitment to identifying possible avenues for improvement within your business.

  • 1


    We carry out in-depth analysis and data collection of your current expenditures.

    This is followed by a review existing contracts, past invoices and SLAs to establish the benchmarks against which future savings will be measured.

    Finally, we obtain service level requirements from your operational staff and identify areas of failure or desired improvement.
    These results are all detailed in the Resource for Profit Profile Report.

  • 2


    Once the benchmark has been established, we begin work on a report and recommendation document in which we detail all potential savings opportunities.
    This is known as the Resource for Profit Opportunity Report.

    Our systems and databases are continually updated so that we have benchmarks on almost every area of expenditure.

    To negotiate the best price and service, we tender out to all suitable suppliers.

  • 3


    We strive for minimal disruption to your business.

    Resources For Profit will manage existing suppliers or the transfer to alternative services providers, and provide feedback to unsuccessful suppliers.

    Our management will liaise with new suppliers on contract terms, check pricing, and resolve queries and any operational requirements.

  • 4


    To ensure savings are being realised, Resources for Profit monitors supplier performance on an ongoing basis.

    We will act on changes in the marketplace to take advantage of any opportunities as they arise, including benchmarking savings, cross-checking supplier invoicing, and providing up-to-date market knowledge.


  • Detailed monthly reports
  • Ongoing savings
  • Improved supplier relationships
  • Overall results of engagement
  • Increased efficiencies
  • Continuous addition of value to your business


  • Code of Ethics

    Resources for Profit will at all times operate with Integrity, endeavouring to operate in a Professional and Ethical manner, delivering Independent high quality advice to all organisations and individuals they interact with.
  • Independence

    Resources for Profit, as a core value, operate independently of suppliers and service providers. We will not accept any form of inducement, financial or otherwise from suppliers and service providers and will at no time show unreasonable bias. Our objective is to provide our clients with unbiased feedback on opportunities that exist for them in the market.
  • Confidentiality

    Confidential information received during the course of exercising our business will remain so. We recognise that it is improper to disclose, or allow it to be disclosed, unless that disclosure has been authorised by the relevant organisation or individual with consideration to the persons concerned, or as required by law.
  • Fair Dealing

    Resources for Profit, its directors and representatives shall act honestly and with integrity in all of their dealings with employees, suppliers, customers and competitors such that the best interests and reputation of the company are maintained and enhanced.
  • Client Focused

    Our objectives at all times, is to act in the best interests of our Clients. We recognise that the long term reputation of our business is not based on short term individual gain, but rather on the best long term solutions for our clients.
  • Compliance with Laws and Regulations

    We have an obligation, at all times, to comply with the spirit, as well as the letter, of the law, including any applicable rules and regulations. This includes not only actions whilst undertaking company responsibilities, but also includes personal behaviour.


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