Things are changing at Australia Post

“Australia Post is implementing postage increases that will impact your business. Costs are going up, and the service model is inevitably changing. Whether you rely on it as a core part of your business, or your postage is primarily for marketing purposes, it’s important to be aware of the changes taking place now and in the future.

We have already seen a 16% increase on standard letters, as Australia Post review service offerings and shift their focus to a world with fewer letters, and the service model is to change. Further changes are inevitable. These changes could negatively impact profit margins or customer satisfaction if they are left unaddressed.

It’s not all bad news for business though, there are actions they can take to prepare for these changes and mitigate the impact of the postage increase and service changes on your business. Considering what is being sent as well as how and where it is presented can be the first step in making a difference.

Exploring alternative postage methods could save your business further time and money. Opportunities often exist within businesses to significantly reduce overhead costs; these aren’t always obvious and can make a huge difference to business performance.

“We see the inevitable changes as an opportunity for organisations to review what they do and why” says Robin Dunlop of Resources for Profit. “Process improvement and cost minimisation are both realistic objectives”

Many businesses don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to finding unnecessary overhead costs hidden deep within invoice line items.  It’s worth sourcing external guidance to help identify these costs, with comprehensive auditing that will allow you to better utilise funds, in turn maximising the impact on your bottom line”