Climate Change: Global Warming a Groundless Claim?

Climate Change: Global Warming a Groundless Claim?

Climate change is defined as the alteration in climatic conditions of the world. The human race has been experiencing changes in the weather patterns in the recent years making it difficult for the meteorologists to forecast. This has since been blamed on climate change and global warming. There has been debate on the causes of these changes with some researchers arguing that it has greatly been contributed by increased man’s activities and the effects of industrialization. According to Halder, “global warming is a major issue due to industrialization and progress by mankind since the past few years.However, this has been challenged by recent claims by climate scientists suggesting that global warming is groundless and has nothing to do with the changes we have been experiencing in the past or which we are likely to face in the future.

In 2012, a published report by the mail online, climate scientists claimed that global warming stopped 16 years ago. But these claims are baseless and, “some scientists, such as Professor Phil Jones…dismissed the significance of the plateau, saying that 15 or 16 years is too short a period from which to draw conclusions…Professor Judith Curry disagrees; he told The Mail on Sunday that it was clear that the computer models used to predict future warming were ‘deeply flawed’. Climate change may have far-reaching effects and the causes need to be addressed collectively by countries non-governmental organisations, and individuals. The future of the globe is at stake and it is the next generation that will suffer the consequences if our actions are not controlled. Halder found that “the probability of warming having unforeseen consequences increase with the rate, magnitude, and duration of climate change. Some of the physical impacts of climate change are irreversible at continental and global scale.” In fact, it is more serious that we have started feeling the impacts and if this trend continues, then the future generation will never bear the warming world. “The results of climate change includes increased temperatures, rising sea levels, and decreased snow cover in the northern hemisphere…it is predicted that future climate changes will include further global warming(i.e. an upward trend in global mean temperature), sea level rise, and probable increase in the frequency of some extreme weather events.”4

In conclusion, we all have the responsibility making sure that our planet is a safe place to dwell in. Those who come up with unproven claims that global warming has since stopped are misleading and there comments and unconvincing research should not be taken seriously at all costs because of the available evidence to prove otherwise. “So let’s be clear. Yes: global warming is real, and some of it at least has been caused by the CO2 emitted by fossil fuels. But the evidence is beginning to suggest that it may be happening much slower than the catastrophists have claimed – a conclusion with enormous policy implications.”


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