Delivering effective communications within any business is of paramount importance. Just as important is being able to manage the multitude of services and costs associated with them.

Monitoring your services to ensure you are receiving the most effective service combined with the best rates can be time consuming. Due to the ever changing landline, inbound, mobile, data and internet contracts now available in the marketplace, it is also seemingly impossible to determine which offers are best suited to your business and which provide the best value for money.

When it comes to Telecommunications costs, Resources for Profit conducts a comparative analysis for you, not only saving your employee’s time, but delivering immediate benefits direct to your bottom line quickly, on a no risk basis.

That is, no benefit – no fee!

We do this by completing a thorough assessment of your needs, which will include:

  • The renegotiation of services and rates
  • A review of current services, identifying services that could be more efficiently delivered and removing redundant services where warranted
  • Taking your needs to market and arranging the consolidation of providers if appropriate
  • Reviewing existing services to ensure effective management of your future requirements
  • Compare current rates to contracted rates. This can often result in credits and refunds as we find rate input errors.

We are proven. We are trusted.

We have worked with a wide range of clients, of various sizes, across a variety of industries in the delivery of savings associated with their telecommunications costs:

  • An Australia wide Publishing company, working to save 37% in landline and mobile services costs. Managed the consolidation of vendors in order to secure further savings
  • A Sydney based Pharmaceutical company, working to save 30% in landline, mobile, data and internet services costs
  • An Australia wide Entertainment company, working to save 33% in associated telecommunications costs via the renegotiation of existing contracts and the removal of redundant telephone lines

In addition to achieving these cost savings, each client was rewarded with a more streamlined approach to reporting and client management.

Leave it to us. Let our team of experts work through the high volume of telecommunication offers and services out there and determine what will work best for you on your behalf.


Working with Resources for Profit will deliver you significant advantages and benefits:

  • Features

    • We conduct a comprehensive audit of the costs incurred by your existing services and review your contractual agreement to ensure you are receiving the best service for your requirements.
    • We remain at the forefront of the telecommunications industry, ensuring we have an extensive knowledge of the plans and services available.
    • We possess a thorough understanding of current market rates and the associated billing system.
    • We charge no associated cost for our services to your business unless savings are identified. We are paid progressively during the contract period.
    • We are vendor agnostic, with no existing preferential relationships with any one vendor.
  • Advantages

    • This enables you to develop an understanding of existing expenditure levels quickly and easily.
    • This enables you to fit services to your needs while keeping up with current trends.
    • Understand how you are charged for the services you utilise. This means you pay only for results!
    • We retain an interest in the outcomes of the arrangements that we identify.
    • We don't accept any commissions or inducements from potential vendors.
  • Benefits

    • Remove redundant services and identify overcharging.
    • Ensures that you are receiving the appropriate services without committing staff resources. We do the work for you.
    • Negotiate best market rates for your business, with savings straight to the bottom line.
    • You are guaranteed a return on your investment.
    • This means you pay only for results!
    • We remain focused on securing the best services and rates for you.


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