Energy / Electricity

No business relies can function without Energy – Electricity and Gas are so fundamental to the operations that they are sometimes overlooked as a “necessary evil”. Especially for those organisations that energy is not a so-called “critical” cost, it is often difficult to come to grips with managing the multitude of services and costs that are associated with this cost category.

We have an extensive track record of reducing costs through acquisition of better rates and assistance with reduction in consumption through to initiation of capital projects. When it comes to Power and Energy costs, Resources for Profit consistently delivers immediate benefits direct to your bottom line on a no risk basis.

That is, no benefit – no fee!

We do this by completing a thorough assessment of your needs, which will enable:

  • Renegotiation of services and rates.
  • A review of current services, identifying operations that could be more efficiently satisfied and removing redundant services where warranted,
  • Taking your needs to market and consolidation of providers if appropriate,
  • Reviewing the existing services to ensure effective management of your requirements into the future.

We have worked with a wide range of clients, in various industries, and various sizes.

Some examples:

  • Hospitality Chain. Over 20 eastern seaboard locations. Gas and electricity savings of over $250K per annum.
  • Large Charity. Sydney based. With many locations of varying sizes. Lighting review and electricity vendor consolidation. 17% saving.
  • Financial Services Industry, Regional NSW based. HVAC Equipment and service audit, tender of exiting services. Annual savings in excess of $100K.

In addition to achieving cost savings, all experienced significant improvements to consumption reporting.

Let our experts work through priorities of Energy cost saving projects on your behalf.


A relationship with Resources for Profit will deliver real benefits to you, as follows:-

  • Features

    • Comprehensive audit of recent costs and services and comparison to contract and your requirements
    • Current knowledge of energy provision
    • Understanding of current market rates for energy provision.
    • No cost to your business unless demonstrated savings are generated
    • We are paid progressively during the contract period
    • Resources for Profit have no financial relationships with potential vendors
  • Advantages

    • Allows confidence in existing expenditure levels
    • Enables you to fit services to your needs while keeping up with current trends
    • Understand how a client is charged for the services they utilise
    • No profit risk to your business
    • We retain an interest in the outcomes of the arrangements that we identify (i.e. we retain “skin in the game”)
    • We don’t accept any commissions of inducements from potential vendors
  • Benefits

    • 1. Can identify overcharges
      2. Removes redundant services
    • Ensures that you are receiving the appropriate services without committing staff resources
    • Negotiate best market rates for your business, with savings straight to the bottom line
    • You pay a portion of savings only.
    • Results are guaranteed, no benefit, no cost.
    • Resources for Profit are totally focused on your needs.


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