There are few purchasing decisions within an organisation that can generate as much consternation as that of vehicle fleets. Cost implications can be almost impossible to evaluate for non-experts.

Our experience is that this is now perhaps one of the most onerous areas for a business to manage. Vehicle management can be emotionally as well as financially demanding. That’s where Resources for Profit can help. Using long term fleet management experience, we are now able to assist you in negotiating the potential hazards of this cost category and avoid the potential for long term problems.

We’re independent and can help on a no risk basis.

That is, no benefit – no fee!

Our skills are industry based, enabling us to both access and negotiate on your behalf, focusing on:

  • Environmental issues
  • Safety issues
  • Vehicle selection
  • Policies and procedures
  • Leasing options
  • Maintenance options
  • Manufacturer agreements

Of course, being independent, we can apply reasonable pressure that a client perhaps would be unable to exert.

We have worked with a wide range of clients, in a range of industries and sizes.

Are you running your fleet, or is your fleet running you?


A relationship with Resources for Profit will deliver real benefits to you, as follows:-

  • Features

    • Comprehensive review of your fleet management regime and report on same
    • Assist develop an understanding of potential environmental issues
    • Report on costs and and “reasonability” check
    • Identify errors
    • Renegotiate rates and charges as appropriate.
    • No cost to your business unless there are financial benefits
    • We are paid progressively as benefits are received
    • Resources for Profit do the work
  • Advantages

    • Independent check
    • Understanding of the current environmental and political issues
    • Resources for Profit do the work
    • We understand how fleets are run, and approach accordingly
    • No profit risk to your business
    • We retain an interest in the outcomes (retain “skin in the game”)
    • We don’t rely on your staff to check and chase
  • Benefits

    • Secure benefits without impacting existing relationships
    • Evaluate cost V solution
    • Assess if the current costs are reasonable
    • Potential risk free cash benefits
    • You pay a portion of benefits only
    • Results are guaranteed, no benefit, no cost
    • Your busy staff doesn’t get distracted


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