Our Clients said nice things

We have been in business for over 20 years, working with clients to reduce costs, improve their bottom line and add value to their business efficiencies. Despite this experience, we are truly humbled when our clients are so happy with the outcome of our work that they are prepared to say so publicly.

Joanne Jacobs, formerly of State Super Financial said that it was our approach that really gave her the unshakable confidence in Resources for Profit’s ability. The practical way they conveyed their knowledge; their ability to take staff on the journey so they didn’t fight the changes; the fact that they would provide pointers, recommendations, feedback and advice on aspects of the business not specifically related to the particular cost item they were investigating was outstanding. It gave the wider team confidence in their ability and provided for a smoother transition. State Super Financials complete story can be found here.

Gerard Giesekam of Pillar Administration also had some kind words to say; Gerard says that in addition to their expertise, the ethical way that they work and their methodology, the reason he repeatedly uses Resources for Profit is because they get results. And if they can’t get you a significant savings, they will tell you; they aren’t in it to make money off you. Pillar Administrations complete story can be found here.

We really do exist to serve our clients, and are truly appreciative of the kind words they had to say.