The best business decision you’ll ever make

Market expertise, lack of internal resources and the proviso that she didn’t have to pay unless she was comfortable the solutions would be implemented and work well were just some of the reasons why Joanne Jacobs, formally of State Super Financial Services gave the team at Resources for Profit the opportunity to work with her; one that she continues to be pleased about.

Joanne’s role at State Super Financial Services was Administration Manager, meaning that it was her responsibility to ensure that the organisation was maximising the benefit received for its spend.

The Challenge

The challenge for Joanne was that each state had its own suppliers, there wasn’t a consolidation of suppliers, there weren’t any processes or procedures nor were there any strategies in place to minimise the company’s spend.

With a lack of resources to tackle such a sizable project internally, coupled with a lack of internal knowledge and expertise on specific line items, engaging Resources for Profit who she had engaged in the past was the logic next step.

Why Resources for Profit?

When asked why she chose to work with Resources for Profit, Joanne says that their skill set and proven expertise spoke volumes and provided her the assurance that she could trust them to deliver.

But it was their approach that really gave her the unshakable confidence in Resources for Profit’s ability. The practical way they conveyed their knowledge; their ability to take staff on the journey so they didn’t fight the changes; the fact that they would provide pointers, recommendations, feedback and advice on aspects of the business not specifically related to the particular cost item they were investigating was outstanding. It gave the wider team confidence in their ability and provided for a smoother transition.

Additionally, Resources for Profit would not only identify areas for improvement, provide the recommendations and participate in the negotiation process; they also help with the implementation of the changes.

What was the outcome?

Remarkably, Resources for Profit were able to generate a saving of 25% across all expense categories!

Would you use recommend Resources for Profit?

Joanne says without a doubt she would recommend Resources for Profit to anyone that wants to work with a team that not only represents the needs of their client, but also respects the supplier. She says that they provided outstanding customer service, delivered on their promises and were fantastic people to work with.